Valentines Day Scents

Valentines Day Scents

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love, whether that’s love for yourself or love for the special people in your life with delectable and luxurious scents from Tea-licious Skincare! From sensual scents to luscious moisture, you’ll love these Valentine’s Day scents in our top-quality lotion bars, great for prepping your skin for a romantic night out or perfect as a gift, too!



The Feminini-Tea lotion bar will soothe and lift your senses with the romantic combination of jasmine flowers blooming in the summertime, lilies for love, and roses for desire. This floral, sensual scent is great to wear for a romantic dinner date whether that’s with a longtime spouse or a first-time date!



Crank the sensual vibes up a notch with the delicious and intoxicating scent of Lust-Tea, our lotion bar made with notes of strawberries and champagne. This classic combination is perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations that include cuddling, celebrating your love, and getting closer to one another.



Be the hotty you know you are with the Hot-Tea lotion bar! Notes of woody spice deepen the scent, complimenting the orange vanilla for spicy, sensuous moisturizing.



Tantalize your lover this Valentine’s Day with the Sexuali-Tea lotion bar! Featuring the delectable scents of strawberry tea and white truffle, this scent is bound to make their mouth water.



Show them how much you love them with a classic scent to match Valentine’s Day — chocolate and strawberries! This lotion bar features the delicious sweetness or strawberries matched with the warming depth of chocolate and is sure to be a hit, whether worn for the holiday or given as a gift.



If you enjoy celebrating Galentine’s or Palentine’s more than Valentine’s Day, then Populari-Tea is the perfect scent for you! This lotion bar will moisturize your skin with luxurious ingredients and the scent of pink champagne, and it’s the perfect gift for a bestie, too!



Looking for the perfect way to spoil that masculine person in your life this Valentine’s Day? Gift them with Migh-Tea, our lotion bar featuring the intoxicating combination of teak wood and leather, for real men with tough and grit.

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