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How to Repair Dry or Chapped Lips

Dealing with chapped or dry lips can be a hassle. Whether it’s wintertime and you’re struggling to combat dryness from the cold and wind or it’s summertime and you’re battling chapped lips from being out in the sun or swimming in the pool, chapped lips are never fun to deal with. However, chapped lips don’t have to be a constant fact of life. Repairing your dry and chapped lips can be easier than you think! Keep reading to learn more about keeping your lips feeling soft and healthy all year round.

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Scrub Away Dead Skin

When you’re repairing lips that have gotten chapped and dry, you’re likely working with a canvas that has a lot of excess dead skin. Get started with repairs by gently exfoliating dead skin away. Doing this regularly helps to ensure that your lips stay softer and can more effectively absorb moisture. Lip scrubs with high-quality, moisturizing ingredients are going to be the best product for this process, as they will be able to slough off the dead skin while also moisturizing your lips.

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Use High-Quality Balm

Once you’ve scrubbed away the dead skin on your chapped lips, the next step you should take is to moisturize using a high-quality balm. This step is crucial because it will provide the key nutrients your skin needs to heal and grow healthier. Remember to choose a balm that is easy to apply regularly because you’ll want to reapply every time you notice your lips are beginning to feel dry — this prevents more dry skin or chapping to form.

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Try Not to Bite or Pick

While your lips are healing from being dry or chapped, you may notice bumpiness, unevenness, and even peeling skin on your lips. We know it can be tempting to try and get rid of these irritants by biting your lips or picking at the skin, but it’s important to try and refrain! Similar to scabbing, picking at dead skin on your lips can make chapped lips worse.

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Remember to Seal In Moisture

After you’ve scrubbed away dead skin and moisturized your lips, sealing in the moisture is key! Many high-quality lip balms are designed to both moisturize and seal, but you can also take the extra step to ensure that your lips stay soft and healthy by using an emollient-type product, which will naturally seal your skin.

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