Give Yourself the Gift of self Love

We are all busy bees. Our time and energy are swept away by the various avenues of life. The day-to-day busyness often leaves us exhausted and in need of reviving, upliftment, and serenity. We can all remember how grounding a few moments of taking care of our bodies can be.

As we enter February, a month of flowers, chocolate, and love notes, let us gift our own bodies some needed love and attention. After all, the lull of mid-winter calls for mind and body care.

5 Ways to Care For Your Body

1. Gift Your Senses

From savoring a cup of tea to the creamy and aromatic lather of soap, we experience so much joy through our senses. And so, a generous gesture is to enrich your daily routine through sense.

Below you’ll find some mindful practices for each of the five senses:

Touch - Dry brush your skin, make or craft with your hands,

do some gentle movement, rub your chest with an herbal salve

Hearing - Go for a walk while listening to the surrounding sounds, play a favorite album, start a conversation, pick up that old instrument

Sight - Take a break from screens, look through old photos, get tickets to a local event, draw or paint

Smell - Light a candle, take a few deep breaths, diffuse essential oils

Taste - Take extra appreciatory sips of your next tea or coffee, make yourself a nice meal, try a new spice or chocolate

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The paramount part is that small gestures count when caring for your body. No matter how short or simple an act is, if it makes you feel good, it’s worthwhile.

2. Self-Massage

Although it’s common practice to massage our babies or partners, self-massage can be a relaxing and beneficial ritual.

You need only commit a few minutes to reap the benefits of eased muscle tension, increased circulation, and reduced stress.

To perform a self-massage, begin by warming a lotion bar between your hands. You don’t need much product; a little goes a long way! The plant butters will melt into your skin, creating a gentle glid when applied to the massage area.

Where you massage is preferential, but here are some ideas:

  1. Hands. Although our hands do so much daily, we often forget to reciprocate. A short and sweet hand massage does wonders!

  2. Feet. Because our feet receive so little attention, they’re perfect for giving extra love to.

  3. Neck and shoulders. This area carries extra tension for many of us. Giving some mid-pressure strokes down the neck or circular movements over sore muscles can provide instant relief.

If you’re interested in learning more about self-massage, read here.

Tea-Licious Lotion Bars

3. Prioritize Joy

Feeling positive emotions, like joy, undoubtedly affects our body. And yet, joy is often put on the back burner because it takes self-awareness and effort.

The first step in leading a more joyful life is identifying what brings YOU joy. As unique individuals, this varies. If you’re drawing a blank, below is a short practice to gain some clarity.

Grab a notebook and start to paint a mental picture of everything you enjoy. Write down what comes to mind, like the activities you love engaging in, the people you find value in being around, or simply what makes you smile. Again, small things count!

Write Down What You Love

After a few minutes of brainstorming, look over your list. Here’s what to question: How can you (realistically) add more of the list into your daily life?

Prioritizing daily joy not only takes care of our mind and body, it also fills our well-being bucket!

4. Create A Bath Routine

Bathing is one of those must-do essentials. But let’s make it extra relaxing and luxurious this month (or every month!) with a body-loving bath routine.

The key to a relaxing bath is creating a stress-free space. Maybe dim the lights, light a candle, grab a book, or play soft music. Whatever lets you calm your mind and leave the day’s worries behind.

And the best part? Exfoliation, of course!

Our scrubs blend tea leaves, spices, and botanicals with raw sugar to safely and effectively remove dead skin. The pure plant oils and butters both moisturize and protect the skin, all while giving a therapeutic effect via the plant power of essential oils.

If you’re in the mood for a chocolaty treat, try our Tiramisu or Chocolate Covered Coffee scrub. If you’re a flower-forever type, you’ll love our Wild Blooming Picnic scrub!

Tea-Licious Body Scrubs

5. Choose Natural Products

An essential part of caring for our bodies is the products we use. One instrumental act we can make is choosing products that support us.

At Tea-Licious, our passion is wild-crafting products from earth's pure elements to protect, sustain, and nourish your body and skin. We also strive to care for our beautiful planet by sourcing sustainably and using eco-friendly packaging. We hope with every offering, we aid you in feeling loved in your skin.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one or a special self-care treat? See our Valentine’s Day collection here.

Written by Sariah Vilate