Discover the Marvel of Natural Soap With These 7 Benefits

Clean beauty has been a mighty trend in recent years. It seems many of us are becoming more intentional about the products we put on our bodies. Yet, it’s easy to forget that natural beauty and body care are not a “trend” at all. Natural soap has been used for thousands of years!

Using natural soap is incredibly beneficial for our skin and body, but is also valuable when considering a sustainable future. So, let’s return to our soapy roots by delving into the bountiful benefits of all-natural soap!

But first, let’s back up.

What Is Natural Soap?

Natural soap, also known as cold process soap, contains only earth-derived ingredients.

Natural soap starts with a creamy blended base of plant butters and oils. Once artistically swirled together, a sodium hydroxide solution is added, and the magical (and scientific) process of saponification begins. This is when fats bind and neutralize acids to make solidified soap. Pretty amazing, right?

Once hand-poured and cut, soap bars must cure for 4–6 weeks before use. At this point, no sodium hydroxide remains, only moister-rich and skin-loving soap!

Now that we know what cold process soap is, let’s dive into the many benefits of using natural soap.

1. Natural Ingredients

Perhaps the best benefit of all-natural soap is that it’s made exclusively with nature-based ingredients. But what exactly does that look like?

The best recipes are a wholesome blend of beneficial plant ingredients. For example, shea butter is rich in vitamin E, herbal teas are packed with antioxidants, and coconut oil is both antibacterial and creates a creamy lather. Spices, teas, clays, salts, coffee, and dried flowers can also be incorporated. These wonderful ingredients add to the revitalizing and replenishing effect of natural soap.

Unfortunately, there are commonly used not-so-good soap ingredients.

2. Made Without Chemicals

What’s not in soap is just as important as what is in soap.

Many soaps on the market contain parabens, sulfates, petroleums, preservatives, and more.

Skin is our largest organ and is at risk of dermal absorption (when chemicals seep through pores and into the body). Because soap comes into direct contact with our skin multiple times daily, we want to use safe formulated products, right?

If you’re new to learning about cosmetic chemicals, here’s a handy list of twelve you should avoid.

You may think finding chemical-free soap is an easy task, but it’s actually rare to find. This is why our all-natural soaps are incredible! We use only plant-based, gentle, and skin-loving ingredients you’ll recognize, like mango butter, olive oil, and herbal teas. But you won’t exclusively better yourself by using clean soap.

3. Better for the Environment

Using natural soap is hands down better for the environment. Let’s cover a couple of reasons why.

  1. Natural soap is harmless for waterways and biological diversity. Many detergents and chemicals in commercial soaps go down drains and end up in rivers, lakes, and oceans. This can harm ecosystems – everything from fish to soil. Because natural soap contains only food-grade and biodegradable ingredients, it’s safe for people and ecosystems.
  1. Natural soap has sustainable packaging. Most soaps come in large single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfills. Our bar soaps, rather, are plastic-free and encased in biodegradable packaging. This means we can take care of our bodies without further harming the planet.

Switching to all-natural bar soap is such a vital swap to make!

4. Cruelty-Free

We have covered human and planet health, but what about animals?

There have been some fantastic improvements made in ending animal testing. And yet, some companies continue to test on animals.

As consumers, an important step we can take is carefully choosing the products and companies we support. Choose brands that care about quality, sustainability, and animal well-being. We can collectively empower businesses that are making positive changes!

And rest assured, our soaps are vegan and never tested on animals.

5. Maintains Healthy Skin

A fantastic benefit of all-natural soap is how miraculous it is for our skin. After all, plant oils have been used for centuries for their hygienic, healing, and moisturizing benefits.

It seems bizarre many continue to use commercial soaps, which can irritate and dehydrate the skin due to the foaming agents, strong perfumes, and sulfates.

Natural soap gently cleanses without over-stripping the skin barrier. In fact, the moisture-rich oils and butters strengthen the skin, protecting against air pollution and dry climates. The antioxidants, skin-absorbing vitamins, natural glycerin, and anti-inflammatory properties also aid in strong, healthy, and nourished skin.

The physical benefits of natural soap will amaze you, but you may also experience some mental ease.

6. Therapeutic Effects

Plant soaps often contain plant extracts known as essential oils, which can have positive therapeutic effects like reducing stress, alleviating headaches, and promoting overall better moods.

We infuse our bar soaps with essential oils plus incorporate teas and botanicals to create heavenly aromatic scents. Showering with our botanical bars while breathing deeply can be a wonderful therapeutic experience. It could also be a time to pause and feel grateful for the bounty Earth lends.

No matter where your preferences fall on the scent wheel (floral, citrus, earthy, woody, or spicy), we have a soap for you!

7. Made In Small Batches

Using handmade natural soap supports small makers and means you’ll receive the luxurious soap only artisans can craft.

Our soaps are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We artisanally make each bar with great care.

At Tea-Licious, we are passionate about crafting eco-friendly and quality soap, all while showcasing the beauty and vitality of nature in each bar. Our products are always fresh and made to order.

Start experiencing the benefits of all-natural soap with our collection here!

Written by Sariah Vilate